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Underpinned by empirical and behavioral research, MatRisQ is designed to explore the unexplored aspects of your client. What comes out is an insightful report that cements your engagement plan.


MatRisQ is perhaps the only risk profiling tool in the world, that will help you understand your client's Risk Tolerance and Capacity, distinctively. What more, you can even understand the Risk Required, by inputting the goal values and savings.


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Available as APP & API

GoalPost is built with just 1 objective in mind. 

Never let the Advisor feel incomplete with a feature or a scenario that they want to simulate while planning for the client's goals. 


Imagine you are having a conversation with your client over a coffee. By the time your client is half the cup, you would be presenting a Comprehensive Retirement Report. That fast, but power packed with numerous simulations.

GoalPost is the perfect blend of `Being Easy & Effective'. Experience it here

Available in Excel & API

Whether you are an IFA trying to take the best Fund Selection Decision or a Robo Platform aiming to give Stunning Charts, look no further. 


Exclusive, yet Flexible MF Ranking Methodology that weighs between Risk & Returns spanning across time periods is a feature that will make your jaw drop. Return frameworks such as Trailing, Point to Point, Discreet & Annual have left no stones unturned in analyzing a fund performance. 


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Are you a Robo figuring out to give intelligent & automated portfolios?       

Or a Family Office aiming to offer the most optimized portfolios that fall on efficient frontier?

Either way, your search ends here. Whether it's the best quant or the most complicated data, we are sure to serve your need.  

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